Sunday, April 24, 2011

Summer and Fall 2011

We will be playing some shows this summer and fall!

First we are honored to be playing the Calgary Folk Fest this July. Next up, we play the wonderful Pickathon just outside of Portland -- one of our most favorite festivals ever.

Coming up in September, we get to play another of our favorites, End Of The Road in beautiful Dorset. Check the shows page for updates on a short European tour around this date, and for more details about the festival appearances:

Or, you can check out our new Facebook page:

See you soon!

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AdamI said...

Hey, if you ever come to the U.S. Eastern seaboard again please try to make it to Asheville, North Carolina. You're on my RSS feed list, so if I see it show up in a list of destinations I'll try to bring a lot of people to come see.

Discovered you on iTunes a few years ago and am still disappointed for missing you in Boston when I used to live there...