Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Goodbye Tacos, Hello Beemster

Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows and made our North American tour as cool as it was. Special thanks to The Cave Singers for many great nights...and to Mexican food...

We're heading across the pond soon, again with Ashley and Ryan in tow as our band. Europe, ready your stocks of cheese. Check the shows section for dates.


G.Wiwcharuk said...

Hey gang!

First heard of your sweet melodic poison on CBC Radio 3 - and I've been addicted ever since! Anyway, it's taken me two weeks to come to the realization I still don't own any LD albums, something I aim to change right now.

Currently, I'm illustrating a "Tegan & Sara" comic bundle for their January show in Northern Manitoba, but I now have plans to pay homage to your music through either animated music video, or another form of artistic representation. Call it 'reverse fan-service' :P I've given so much away - I love it. Keeps me focused, busy, and challenged.

I'll keep up-to-speed with you guys! ;) Good luck with your future shows!
I've got an art page on facebook: (the gw fan club) Don't show your mom.


Roberto said...

Are you doing another US section to your tour?

Amber, your voice is amazing!