Wednesday, January 27, 2010


We are very pleased to announce that we are playing the Matt Groening-curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival at Butlin's Minehead, UK May 7 - 9. Too many other killer bands to list here, but suffice to say our minds will be constantly blown while we're on site.

We're also planning a short tour of a few European cities around this. Stay tuned!


kjell.tibrand said...

Come to Sweden! Please!
I love your music!!
Please comment here what cities in Europe you're going to!
I bought your records as soon as I heard you the first time. They are just Great!!

/kjell in Sweden

Felipe said...

Hey Guys, i really love your songs. I need the lyrics for "Antonia Jane". Can you send it to my email? It would be awesome! Thanks - a brazilian fan!

tenacioustimothy said...

If you guys could hit Dublin while you're over- twould be excellent!

Maurizio said...

Please come to Rome at Italy.